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In My Line of Business, you can listen to eleven native English speakers talk about their work in their own words. Listen to a teacher educator, a head chef, a superintendent or a consultant psychiatrist talk, among other things, about their education and about the challenges they face in their field. The interviews have been conducted in front of a camera unscripted and unrehearsed, which means that the language used is authentic and the opinions expressed are those of the speakers. In My Line of Business, a head chef will tell you about the special characteristics of a French kitchen, and a superintendent will let you in on how they are fighting armed crime in Britain.

Deputy Director of the British Road Federation / Lieutenant Colonel - Royal Engineer / Consultant psychiatrist / Sheep farmer / International Business Manager / Head Chef / Head Waitress / Director of Applications and Information Management / Ceramicist / Superintendent / Teacher educator

Based on these eleven interviews we have created versatile and easy-to-use exercises with which you can further acquaint yourself with the language and practise what you have learned.


  • British English
  • monolingual

  • Lingonet's unique video interview format allows the learner to make the most of the content
  • 11 interviews with over 3 hours of speech
  • 165 interactive exercises

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