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Students learning financial English need to be familiar with the key terminology used in the field. Expert Gallery introduces just that - financial English in the form of an interactive visit to an accountant in the UK. The program makes use of a corpus of authentic business English to generate exercises that are guaranteed to be the language of "real" business and financial English. All the main topics are dealt with; for example, in the section on setting up a company, questions cover company name, different company formats, formal registration, credibility and VAT.

Ready-made exercises span a full range from simple language auditing tasks making sure that students have recognized the form of language correctly to open, group-orientated tasks with student presentations.

The Teacher's Zone includes transcripts of all audio material, task sheets for reporting tasks, and keys to all exercises. All the teacher's material can be printed out.


  • British English
  • Language of instruction: English or Finnish

  • based on an interview with a British accountant
  • more than 50 minutes of authentic video and material to listen to
  • a glossary integrated into the program
  • Teacher-On-Demand
  • separate section with teacher's material (Teacher's Gallery)

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