Training companies

Training companies that specialize in language and cultural instruction are increasingly facing new challenges. As companies are operating in global markets, the demand for language proficiency is increasing and becoming more complex; language training is also becoming more intertwined with the processes and technologies of the company.

Lingonet has approached this problem, working with language teachers to develop a new working model. The company’s own technological and business process material is used to create multimedia content for internal use, which is then used by the in-house language teachers. The role of multimedia in this model is to bring authentic, linguistic information about the central processes of the company both to the teacher and the learner during the training. Material that is linked to the employer’s own work environment and needs can motivate in a different way than material presented in textbooks about fictional companies.

Working with Lingonet will allow the language trainer to offer his/her customer competitive new solutions, and to benefit from an experienced partner. Our experience also helps to prevent surprises in the final cost.

Lingonet contract projects

A Scandinavian bank recently acquired a Finnish bank and English was adopted as the company language. The bank wanted to improve their people’s communicative skills when dealing with the head office, regarding such things as basic phone and email skills, and most important writing company profiles and credit proposals. Our language school Kielikanava co-operated with Lingonet in order to produce multimedia e-learning material to be used via Internet for distance learning.