Company training officers

In-house training has to contribute to the central goals of the company. In a global work environment, this means that the company has to be able to do business where its products and services are in demand. Often this is achieved by networking and/or in mergers. This places new demands for language capabilities and cultural knowledge and sensitivity.

New media technology offers solutions to these challenges. Lingonet has produced several specialist programs whose goal is to support the client organization in its process of internationalising. Using such programs has supported language and cultural training, for example, by first transferring best practices from one production facility to another and, second, by letting the employees get to know each other and their culture.

When a company wants to bring its language training close to the organization’s central business, it’s worthwhile looking into how Lingonet produces organization-specific educational material – this often results in significant savings and increased flexibility.

Lingonet contract projects

Authentic expert interview - British Road Federation Demo

A Scandinavian bank recently acquired a Finnish bank and English was adopted as the company language. The bank wanted to improve their people’s communicative skills when dealing with the head office, regarding such things as basic phone and email skills, and most important writing company profiles and credit proposals. Our language school Kielikanava co-operated with Lingonet in order to produce multimedia e-learning material to be used via Internet for distance learning.