Language learners

Not everyone learns a foreign language in the same way. Still, almost everyone can learn a foreign language when they are motivated and have the right learning environment. The advantage of multimedia is that the target language is accessible in a functional environment – in various mini-worlds that open up on the computer screen. Using language, the learner can do meaningful things like interviewing people, building machines and devices and solving problems.

Although learning one’s native language as a child is one of “the seven great wonders of the world,” and happens with surprising ease, learning a foreign language is always difficult.

When learning a language, it’s important to spend as much time as possible immersed in the language. This will not happen unless the learner feels success after working with the language and that he/she is improving. To find appropriate ways of learning, the language learner should try many different methods. Information rich multimedia is one possible way to learn a language, and should be tried. Perhaps it offers something that will help make your language learning easier. One thing is for sure: multimedia combines all the media that have so far been tried in language teaching.