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Trumfkorten 100 offers a virtual immersion in the Swedish language. Learners will acquire key vocabulary through a wide variety of game-like exercises. The program will improve learners' listening comprehension skills, vocabulary, understanding of basic language structures, and what's best, their belief in their own abilities as language learners.

Language learning occurs naturally through spoken language, not written text. In the interactive exercises learners will hear words and structures spoken in many different ways before seeing them in written form. Trumfkorten 100 begins by training attentive listening. The underlying idea is to learn by doing and constantly to improve the “ear for languages”. Even when practising written language, the exercises are sound-supported.

The vocabulary of Trumfkorten 100 is the kind taught in schools everywhere. The topics deal with situations set in everyday surroundings at home, around town, at play, and at school.

The program can easily be integrated into the teaching plan as additional or alternative teaching material, and it is also suitable for training language independently at home. Working with the program has been proven to strengthen learners’ belief in themselves and in their abilities as language learners, as doing the exercises will improve their vocabulary and listening comprehension skills almost as if by itself. The program is suitable for learners at different stages of learning.


  • Finland Swedish
  • Language of instruction: English or Finnish

  • 12 different topics set in everyday surroundings with altogether 96 different exercises
  • natural spoken language 
  • effective vocabulary training
  • curriculum-based topics

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