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Lazonby – An English Village is a virtual English language immersion environment suitable for adult learners. The program takes you on a guided walking tour around the village showing you the local sights as well as giving the possibility to interview local residents. The visit has been organized to maximize English language learning. The language used is authentic and unscripted, and represents a cross-section of local and other Northern dialects reflecting the linguistic richness of the community. All the topics discussed are issues that have real meaning to the people interviewed and include; local government, community action, education, health care and leisure services.

Lazonby – An English Village is a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live and work in a real English village while at the same time improving your English. These are real people and this is real English. The interactive tasks and support features provide you with language learning tools to help you improve your English.

Lazonby - An English Village is suitable for adult learners who want to build and strengthen their listening comprehension skills, increase active vocabulary and incorporate new and useful expressions into their everyday language.

Lazonby - An English Village has a variety of built-in language support, in the form of transcripts, paraphrases, and text and audio comments. Integrated tasks draw the attention of students to the form of the expressions used by the interviewees. The printable worksheets encourage students to watch the interviews from a variety of perspectives.


  • British English
  • monolingual
  • tablet-friendly

  • 9 authentic interviews with local residents
  • studio-recorded summaries of the interviews
  • a glossary integrated into the program
  • 394 interactive exercises

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