Lazonby – An English Village
Take a virtual language trip to an English village – it's affordable and efficient!
” I have improved my English language skills with Lingonet's language training program more efficiently and more diversely than on any of the language courses I have taken at various adult education centres. Those courses taught me to understand the English spoken by the teacher, but difficulties arose as soon as I travelled to England and had to try to make sense of the everyday language spoken by the man in the street. The program helps unlock the idiomatic language used in the interviews. Emphasis is placed on learning phrasal verbs.
Lingonet's program makes computer-based language training surprisingly easy even for someone a little older and less experienced with computers, such as myself. ”
Adult learner, age 58


T a k e   i n   t h e   S i g h t s



England is famous for its many country towns and villages. On this virtual tour you have the opportunity to visit one of these: the Cumbrian village of Lazonby in North-West England.


You don't have to worry about missing a line – with just a click of a mouse you can repeat anything that was said and see it in written form.


Like being home tutored by a native speaker  
You will be guided through each topic by a native speaker – through full sentences, with
a computer's patience, and as many times as necessary.

I n t e r v i e w   t h e   R e s i d e n t s

The language of Lazonby – An English Village is the authentic, unscripted language used by the residents of Lazonby when they talk about matters important to them. You can interview one person at a time or find out all there is to know about one topic at a time. If you're having difficulties with the idiomatic language, the program offers built-in language support to help you understand what is being said.

Take a walk around the village with a native speaker and acquaint yourself with the local way of life by interviewing the residents.




Authentic, unscripted language is a valuable resource for a language learner. However, if the everyday language used by the villagers proves too difficult, you can always listen to the studio recorded paraphrase or read the word-for-word transcription.


Interview 9 people about 18 different topics


Lazonby – An English Village has a basic vocabulary of about 2795 words, of which 83 % are among the 3000 most commonly used words in the English language, while the remaining 17 % are less common. Due to repetition these 2795 words appear more than 5400 times throughout the program in 14800 different sound segments.


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For independent study wherever and whenever you want


You can practise with Lazonby – An English Village whenever and wherever you want, and as many times as necessary. The ease of use and clarity of instruction make independent study simple.
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