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LingoPro English is a language training program for those who wish to brush up on their professional English. It consists of dialogues carried out between a learner and a native language instructor, which will teach you how to use English fluently and naturally in various work situations, both verbally and in written form. Each dialogue comes with a set of exercises designed to help the learner process the content of the dialogue. Besides valuable advice about communicating in English, LingoPro English offers recordings of spoken English for listening comprehension practice.

The program is aimed at learners who already have a basic knowledge of the English language. The program covers six topics: politeness, short e-mails, meetings, business letters, telephoning, and presentations.


  • British English
  • Language of instruction: English or Finnish

  • six broad subjects, altogether almost 70 different topics
  • a personal English coach on demand
  • learn how to express yourself clearly and politely in English
  • a must for people who need to use English at work

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