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So what do you know about England? More importantly what do you think you know about England? Well, whatever you know or never knew in the first place Meet the English is just what you need to update your knowledge. It's fun, highly visual and accessible way of improving your language skills while you learn more about England and the English.

Meet the English uses a karaoke inspired format to create an interactive experience that is both fun and informative.Seeing words on screen and also hearing them helps to not only remember new words but also shows how to pronounce and use them in context.

First listen and read the Karaoke inspired pages and then have a go at the Quiz Wiz to find out who invented marmalade, where you can ride the biggest roller coaster in Europe, what the Grand National is and why Liverpool is called the capital of pop.

If you are planning to invade England's shores Meet the English will arm you with the knowledge and language needed to ensure success. After all there hasn't been a succesful invasion of England since - Well, you'll need to buy this program to find out, won't you?


  • British English
  • monolingual

  • groundbreaking karaoke inspired format designed to enhance listening comprehension and pronunciation skills
  • increases knowledge of England and the English

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