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12 / 2016

Lingonet acquired by language technology pioneer Lingsoft

Lingsoft, a full-service Language Management company, expands its operations to language teaching technology as Lingonet becomes a member of the Lingsoft Group.

Lingonet and Lingsoft share a common goal: to enhance and automatise linguistic processes by leveraging new, research-based technology. Lingsoft, a language technology pioneer founded in 1986, recognised the value of Lingonet products and the company’s philosophy of language learning, both rooted in scientific research.

“Under new management, Lingonet’s legacy will continue,” Lingsoft CEO Juhani Reiman says, “and with Lingsoft’s technologies, such as language analysers and speech recognition, Lingonet products will achieve a new level of interactivity. The next generation of learning materials can recognise the learner’s correct and incorrect answers and give individual feedback based on the learner’s performance.”

Lingonet’s customers benefit directly from this transition, as a new and easy alternative for the purchase of our products becomes available. Ellibs, another member of Lingsoft Group, provides e-books to consumers, libraries and businesses, and will soon begin to offer Lingonet products as well.

The heirs of Lingonet’s late founder Mr. Pekka Lehtiö saw in Lingsoft the opportunity to ensure the continuation of 20 years of product development and a well-known brand. We at Lingonet wish to thank all of our customers and partners and hope to see our partnerships continue and grow in the future.

Lingonet employees Vilma Savolainen and Heikki Ohinmaa have joined Lingsoft's team. We can be reached by email or by phone +358 (0)40 952 2313.

02 / 2016

Lingonet's TrumpCards 100 product family is helping immigrants integrate. The focus of TrumpCards 100 is on listening comprehension, which is why it is also perfectly suitable for illiterate individuals. During the interactive exercises the learner will hear words and structures spoken in many different forms before seeing them in written form.

The program is available in several languages:
Cartes d'atout 100, die Aktionskarten 100, Kozyrnye karty 100, TrumpCards 100, Trumfkorten 100, Valttikortit 100


Lingonet's tailored language courses are paying off. When a big organisation is given the opportunity to study its own jargon, the number of visits can reach tens of thousands.


02 / 2014

Lingonet has made a contract with Allsoft, one of the biggest software internet-sellers in Russia. Most of the Lingonet products are represented on the Allsoft webpages. The company also works in Kazakstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan.


05 / 2011

Lingonet's Teentalk Britain has been bundled with "Get the Point" textbooks published by Italian publishing house Casa Editrice Principato. Teentalk Britain is available for the students as an on-line tool.

Teentalk Britain is targeted towards the practice of communicative skills. The program introduces the learner to their British peers, who are interviewed on topics such as schoolwork, hobbies, sports and music.


05 / 2011

Lingonet took part in the eLearning Baltics -conference held 26th-27th of May where Managing Director Katri Oldendorff gave the talk "The use of organisation-specific digital content in task-based and collaborative language learning".


04 / 2011

Lingonet has a new reselling partner in Italy. LS Distribuzione Editoriale is specialized in distributing books and multimedia content to libraries, bookshops, schools and universities in Italy.


02 / 2011

Lingonet has completed the production of MarEng Plus e-learning material for the project administered by the Centre of Maritime Studies of the University of Turku. It is a result of the second phase of the Leonardo project by the partners of the MarEngPlus Project. During the first phase of the project web-based learning tool MarEng was produced.

All of the MarEng Plus material is English-English and is based on language used in actual situations on board ships, in ports and elsewhere in the shipping chain. The new material will not only widen the overall user group, but also motivate to learn maritime English at different levels.

The original MarEng Learning Tool consists of intermediate and advanced level learning material on different maritime topics. Based on the feedback by different user groups all over the world, the usability of the original Tool was improved by adding two new topics, Maritime Security and The Marine Environment, as well as elementary level learning material, a Teacher's manual and a mobile phone application of the glossary. Different user groups ranging from maritime students to workers have taken the learning tool into wide use.


02 / 2011

Lingonet produced digital language learning material titled English for EuroSkills Competition (Electronics and Mechanics) for Turku Vocational Institute (TAI). The idea behind the e-learning material is to give participants of the vocational competition of electronics a chance to practice their English skills. In addition to this original purpose the material is designed so that it offers relevant content for teaching English of the electronics in general.

The EuroSkills competition task can simply be considered as a realistic scenario of language use on which the rest of the language content is based. Throughout the program students are exposed to a great amount of spoken language. Hence, one of the material’s characterising features is its strong emphasis on listening comprehension. Each task functions as a kind of small-scale language immersion, and in order to advance in the tasks, students are required to genuinely concentrate on listening. Thanks to the interactive nature of the tasks, students receive immediate feedback on their progress.

EuroSkills is an event organised for young Europeans who wish to compete against each other in different trades.