LingoPro Deutsch
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LingoPro Deutsch is a language training program for those who wish to brush up on their business German. It will teach you how to use German fluently and naturally in various work situations, both verbally and in written form.
For independent study as well as for flipped teaching


LingoPro Deutsch is ideal for independent study. It is like having a native language coach ready to offer you advice whenever and wherever you need it: when you are getting ready to give a presentation at work, when you are writing an e-mail to a foreign business associate, or when you have just stumbled through a conversation over the phone. The interactive nature of the tasks and the amount of repetition make assimilating the content much more efficient than in a typical classroom situation.
The program can also be used in class. The tasks lend themselves well to a flipped classroom situation, where roles are reversed. Students will teach each other and use LingoPro Deutsch as the source of information. Students will learn more quickly when they have to explain matters to someone else..
Guiding you along
a versatile learning path
LingoPro Deutsch's language coach offers you guidance in over 90 different work-related communication situations, and the program can be used in a variety of ways. However, learning requires working intently in the target language. This is why each dialogue has its own learning path, a set of tasks designed to draw the learner's attention to the idiomatic expressions of that particular topic.

In addition, each topic has four revision tasks which cover the entire topic. You can use them to refesh your memory and go over what you have just learned.
LingoPro Deutsch covers six important work-related topics. To find out more, click below.
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